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Live Interactive Video Rooms

Host interactive live sessions and users can engage actively via microphones, cameras, or screen sharing.

Earn through ads or selling subscriptions.


Organized Chat Groups

Create organized chat groups with customized tags & permissions.

Earn through selling subscriptions.

Enhance content discovery and filtration for users.



Share Diverse Content, Tag Companies in Posts.

Engage through comments or by reacting to posts.


Trending List

Explore Trends via the Trending Page.

Refine your feed by choosing a specific company and explore the diverse opinions of users from around the world.



Create a compelling profile that represents you effectively by Expressing your thoughts and ideas through engaging posts.

Increase your reach by gaining followers or connecting with like-minded individuals.


Experience Much More

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Are You a Creator? Are you passionate about sharing valuable content or hosting engaging discussions?

Whalesbook offers a fantastic opportunity to monetize your efforts in various ways.


Hosting Live Rooms

How it works: Engage your audience in real-time discussions through live streaming.
Earnings: Get paid for every watch minute as users actively participate in your live stream.

Premium Groups

How it works: Create exclusive groups and share special content with your premium users.
Earnings: Charge a monthly subscription fee to appreciate and support your hard work and dedication.